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My Landscape Artist

Landscape Consultant & Garden Designer

Homeowners & Landscape Contractors 

Making Landscape Dreams REALITY!

Virtual/ In-Person/ London, Ontario CANADA

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How I Help Property Owners

​Together, we will:

  • Walk through your property

  • Discover your needs

  • Uncover any problems your site has

  • Clarify your likes and dislikes to determine your preferred design style

  • Determine your budget and how the installation process will proceed 

Then I will:​

  • Present a list and photos of plants I think you'll like

  • Provide you with design ideas we can discuss together 

  • Share with you inspirational photos showing the ideas I have

  • Work with you to finalize the ultimate design package

(What is a Design Package?)

  • Prepare a formal estimate to complete the work OR guide you along the journey if you wish to complete the work yourself

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How I Help Landscape Contractors

What I can take off your plate:

  • Conduct Client Interviews

  • Complete the Site Inventory & Analysis

  • Take Site Photos

  • Hand Renders & 3D Models

  • Plant Lists and Planting Plans

  • Material Take-Offs

  • Project Management

The Process:

  • You have a qualified client who wants to pay for a Landscape Design

  • I can meet with your client at their property to complete the initial interview and site inventory and analysis (with or without you present as you desire)


  • You send me the measurements, site photos and client's wishlist. I am not required to go to the property

  • Provide your client with preliminary design concepts (usually 2 or 3) to get their feedback via Zoom

  • Work with them to finalize the ultimate design package

(What is a Design Package?)​

  • Outline the requirements to complete the job so you can prepare an estimate for your client to install the design

Home: About

Design Package

What's Included

  1. Preliminary Designs (2 or 3)

  2. Final 2D Design with labels

  3. Plant List & Photo Palette

  4. Inspirational Images

  5. Materials List & Quantities

  6. Key Dimensions

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London, Ontario CANADA


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