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My Landscape Artist

Landscape Consultant & Garden Designer

Homeowners & Landscape Contractors 

Making Landscape Dreams REALITY!

Virtual/ In-Person/ London, Ontario CANADA

How I Help Property Owners

​Together, we will:

  • Walk through your property

  • Discover your needs

  • Uncover any problems your site has

  • Clarify your likes and dislikes to determine your preferred design style

  • Determine your budget and how the installation process will proceed 

Then I will:​

  • Present a list and photos of plants I think you'll like

  • Provide you with design ideas we can discuss together 

  • Share with you inspirational photos showing the ideas I have

  • Work with you to finalize the ultimate design package

(What is a Design Package?)

  • Prepare a formal estimate to complete the work OR guide you along the journey if you wish to complete the work yourself

Garden Design

How I Help Landscape Contractors

What I can take off your plate:

  • Conduct Client Interviews

  • Complete the Site Inventory & Analysis

  • Take Site Photos

  • Hand Renders & 3D Models

  • Plant Lists and Planting Plans

  • Material Take-Offs

  • Project Management

The Process:

  • You have a qualified client who wants to pay for a Landscape Design

  • I can meet with your client at their property to complete the initial interview and site inventory and analysis (with or without you present as you desire)


  • You send me the measurements, site photos and client's wishlist. I am not required to go to the property

  • Provide your client with preliminary design concepts (usually 2 or 3) to get their feedback via Zoom

  • Work with them to finalize the ultimate design package

(What is a Design Package?)​

  • Outline the requirements to complete the job so you can prepare an estimate for your client to install the design

Freelance Landscape Design for Contractors

Design Package

What's Included

  1. Preliminary Designs (2 or 3)

  2. Final 2D Design with labels

  3. Plant List & Photo Palette

  4. Inspirational Images

  5. Materials List & Quantities

  6. Key Dimensions

Landscape Design Package

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I'm here for YOU!

London, Ontario CANADA


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Heather Jerrard My Landscape Artist Garden Designer
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