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Nicola Kamp Nicola's Garden Art

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Heather Jerrard.

Heather is a talented horticulturalist, artist, and landscape business professional with many years of experience.

Working with Heather this year has given me peace of mind (we get the job done) as well as the support needed to run a design office.  

Heather is considerate, helpful, versatile and capable and I look forward to many more years of
“working together” in our industry.

Thank you Heather."

Nicola Kamp, Owner at Nicola's Garden Art

Pete Vanderley Landscaping

"Heather Jerrard of My Landscape Artist has created several landscape designs for me.  I love the flow and the intricate details she includes in her designs.  It’s easy to both visualize and implement her designs."

Pete Vanderley, Owner at Vanderlay Landscaping

Deb Stevens Definitive Lawn and Garden

“Heather’s assistance this year for Landscape design and sub contracting work for my company was excellent. My clients truly appreciated her ideas and recommendations for their projects and all are very pleased. Her 2 concept design packages were very well received and I look forward to continued success working with her in the future.”

Deb Stevens, Owner at Definitive Lawn & Garden Service

Dorothy Downs London Ontario

"Heather is among the most creative, energetic and talented people I have come across. She listened to my concerns and my husband's concerns and came up with a perfect design that we couldn't be happier with and that years later has become even more lovely as the garden matures!"

Dorothy, Homeowner
& Executive Director of the Forest City Film Festival

Ty Sinclair Landscaping and Weed Control

"You will not find anyone better to work with when getting a landscape design done! Heather does a lot of my designs for me and not only are they all stunning she is super easy to work with and is so knowledgeable about all things design and garden you come out of every conversation with her knowing something new! I cannot wait to be able to bring more of her designs to life in the coming years. "

Ty Sinclair

Big Mac's Lawn and Garden

"Heather is very talented, passionate and knowledgeable about how to best use our clients space. Her skill set is remarkable when it comes plant and material selection. The design process was very enjoyable and she listens to our clients needs and finds creative ways to incorporate their vision into the design.

As a landscaper it’s always a pleasure to work with Heather."

Mike MacGillivray

David Galbraith Royal Botanical Gardens

"Heather is, simply put, amazing. She is a creative powerhouse who loves the land, connecting with people, and engaging in ideas. From landscape work to theatrical presentations to art, her creativity and skill bubble over. Years ago she spent some time at Royal Botanical Gardens and made some wonderful contributions to our horticulture department, and even created unique sculptures from recycled materials that were featured in the gardens for a while. If you have a chance to work with Heather I think you will find that she brings excitement, vision, and a great sense of fun to your collaboration."

David Galbraith, Ph.D., FRCGS & Head of Science at the Royal Botanical Gardens

whistling gardens

"Her authentic and enthusiastic approach soon translated to assist us within our member services management, retail garden center, botanical gardens maintenance, and her much-anticipated social media educational features. She loves to get her hands dirty too! Her natural, friendly customer service, adaptable style, creativity and solid communications was a perfect fit and compliment for our growing team..."

Wanda, Whistling Gardens

A Turtle's Garden

"If I had a rating system here, I would give Heather five stars. She has great knowledge, creativity and passion for her work. She is always available for questions. I would highly recommend."

Claudia, Houseplant & Gift Supplier

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