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Design Styles - FREE QUIZ

Take my quick 20-question Quiz to Uncover your preferred Design Style!


IMAGE SOURCE: Scott Webb via

- Clean Lines

- Symmetry & Evenly Balanced Spaces

- Crisp Materials

- Simple Patterns

- Cool Tone Greys

- Concrete

- Nordsternpark Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

- Courtyard outside of the Planetarium Science Center in Alexandria, Egypt (which I got to personally visit in 2018)

- Control Over Nature

- hardscaping a main focus

*NOTE* 'Modern' and 'Contemporary' are actually two different design styles. For the purpose of this test, they have been grouped together.



IMAGE SOURCE: David Emrich via:

- A Sense of Adventure/Wonder

- Interesting and Comfortable

- New yet Familiar

- Interesting Patterns

- Intriguing and Expressive

- Moon Gate (China)

- Talavera Flower Pots (Mexico)

- Andalusia Pots (Spain)

*NOTE* 'EXOTIC/ECCLECTIC' Design is not purely focused on Japanese Gardens (as shown in the above image). This Design Style refers to inspiration taken from places that have a distinctive colour palette, feel or common material that is different from where you are.



IMAGE SOURCE: Harry Grout via

- Warm, Natural Materials

- Asymmetry & Organic Shapes

- Smooth, curvy lines

- Stone, Water & Wood

- Focus on Foliage(leaves) over Flowers

- Random/Natural Planting Patterns

- Hypertufa Planters

- Stump Gardens

- Harmony with Nature (can be Nature's control over humankind if not properly maintained/designed)

*NOTE* I often refer to "Natural" Design as "Woodland" Design. Generally, Woodland Gardens are in part-full shade. Natural Gardens could include anything from a shade garden to a wildflower or Prairie-inspired garden in full sun.



IMAGE SOURCE: Valkyrie Pierce via

- Clean Lines

- Symmetry & Geometry

- Timeless Materials

- Classic Perennials

- This NEVER goes out of style [not a passing fad/trend]

- Placing Plants together in groups/lines

- Urns

- Versailles Planter Boxes

- Control Over Nature

- a "French Garden"

- hardscaping and softscaping both important elements

*NOTE* Two of my personal favourite examples of this style is Isola Bella and Villa D'Este (both in Italy) which I was able to see in-person in 2015.



IMAGE SOURCE: Jake Johnson via

- Fine Textures

- Light, Airy Materials

- Grasses

- Wind + Water

- Waves, hills, sense of "Flow"

- Anchors & Knotted Rope

- Blues, White & Beige

- Xeriscaping + Drought-tolerant plants

- Harmony with Nature

*NOTE* Rock Gardens, Crevice Gardens and Arizona/Desert Gardens could also be classified under this style.



IMAGE SOURCE: Chris Curry via

- Random

- Element of Surprise

- Bright Colours

- A Sense of "Fun" or Silliness

- Reclaimed/Repurposed Materials

- Popcorn Plant (annual that smells like Buttered Popcorn)

- Sculpture/Signs/etc.

*NOTE* Two of my personal favourite examples of this style is the Bomarzo Garden (Sacro Bosco) and hidden water jets (gioche d'aqua or "Water Jokes") at Villa Torrigiani that squirt you when you descend the stairs (both in Italy) which I was able to see in-person in 2015.



IMAGE SOURCE: Annie Spratt via

- Soft

- Airy Textures

- Pastel Colours

- Wildflowers & Cut Flowers

- Warm & Welcoming

- White Picket Fences

- Warm-tone, Natural Stone

- Wild yet Orderly/Planned

- Guara

- Laking Garden, RBG in Burlington

- an "English Garden"

- Flowers/Plants are a main focus

*NOTE* I often associate this style with the mental image I have of the cottage Snow White took refuge in.


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