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White Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium repens

Yup. Your eyes don't deceive you. CLOVER!

This quick-growing, ground-hugging little nitrogen powerhouse is an excellent addition to any polyculture lawn. YES! LAWNS! Stay with me here -

continue reading for more info...

● Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4+ (OSC Seeds)

(USDA Zone: 3-10, according to MBG)

● Plant Type: Groundcover

● Bloom Time: May-June

● Bloom Colour: White

● Maintenance: Medium (requires regular mowing in lawn areas)

● Water Use: Medium (until established)

"If I buy you, bring you home, stick you in the ground, water you and love you -

and you DIE on me - either I didn't do my research OR - you're a sh*t plant."

- a Motivational Speech for plants



What makes this plant beneficial to people, places, animals or our environment?

  • Fills-in VERY quickly. Can be considered invasive (see Pests/Diseases/Issues)

  • Fodder for Honeybees (forage food supply)

  • Nitrogen-fixer (excellent option for a polyculture lawn that's GREEN even in difficult growing conditions)

  • Safe for livestock to eat

  • Great for crop rotations

  • A favourite food of rabbits

  • Can be used to help stabilize soils/land/erosion control



What does it LOOK like?

White bloom on triple leafed stems (where the name "Trifolium" comes from)

Low-growing, ground-hugging groundcover

Lush green during times when grass is yellow and dry

Height: 3-6 inches

Spread: 1-1.5 feet+


Photo Credit: OSC Seeds


Ideal Growing Conditions

Where does it GROW?

Adaptive to most soil types.

Drought-resistant once established.

Plant in well-drained soils in Full Sun for best performance (will tolerate part-shade).

Dry full-sun or moist light shade.



Does this plant attract deer, mosquitos or Japanese beetles? Is it susceptible to blight, leaf spot or root rot?

Rabbit food and source of nectar for honeybees.

This plant CAN become invasive as it spreads quickly via it's stems. If planted in a lawn, ensure the lawn is bordered by raised beds or hard surfaces (ie. concrete) so it does not spread into naturalized areas or woodlands.


Photo Credit: Science Direct


In the Garden/Home/Landscape

Why did I choose to spend my time writing about this particular plant?

  • Excellent for lawn areas with dry soils in full sun where grass is difficult to grow

  • Fixes nitrogen in the soil so it benefits the soil and nearby plants INCLUDING grass

  • Stays green when the grass is dry, dead and yellow

  • Low-maintenance. Mow it like you would regular grass.

  • Perennial! So it will come back every year!


Tips, Tricks and Notes

  1. Sow seed directly into soil in April/May to ensure roots are established before ground freezes.

  2. Sow 1/2 lb per 1,000 sq. ft. - OSC SEEDS

  3. Clover is a natural nitrogen fixer so don't use nitrogen fertilizers on lawns that have it!

  4. You can also sow seeds later in the season (dormant seeding) in which case soil to seed contact is imperative. (King's AgriSeeds Inc.)


Other Resources:


This is just one plant of SO MANY!

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The main focus of this blog is plants that thrive outdoors in Southwestern Ontario.

Each week, I’ll review benefits, characteristics, growing conditions, Pests/Diseases/Issues and landscape/garden design applications of one of my favourite, high-impact, low-maintenance plants!

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